Friday night deadline – Introduction

I used to compose a weekly humor email for my colleagues at work. It functioned as a simple reminder that we had almost made it to Friday and that the potluck . You could take a breath and slow down a bit and know the chunk of time to decompress, reflect, catch up on work, plan for the next week was almost here.

The email announced the impending arrival of Friday, the fact that caffeine, conversation and carbs (and the occasional quiche) would be available 7:27ish to 7:55 in the faculty lounge. The beauty of this weekly exercise was in finding the theme that would speak to the masses while cleverly (hopefully) capturing the week’s events AND the email had to go out before lunch on a Thursday. That deadline inspired a daily habit of looking at the moments of life, trying to fit them into a bigger, happier, funnier picture that would inspire my colleagues to finish the week strong and to know we are all in it together. It taught me the value of google – but that’s a whole other post. It provided some challenges on the healthy eating front. It always gave me a sense that people can band together to enlighten, to inform and to empower each other through sharing (food, a bit of encouragement, a smile, that nugget of information that will make a difference).

I gave up my weekly emails when I moved into a new position at school. It doesn’t work to be “the man” and to make fun of “the man”. Welcome to iteration #2 of my attempts to reflect and contribute to the general sense that we are all in this together. Being mindful of those patterns and themes and the moments of joy is the basis for my life and work.

Reflection is key for my success. Life gives me little time. Friday night is my deadline.