Catching up…random things

The walk to my car each morning and afternoon highlights all the catching up Mother Nature is doing this spring. From 7 am to 5 pm the trees are working overtime to get those buds out and leaves unfurling so spring can get a move on. Procrastination? not really. Not that those trees had any choice in the matter of waiting until this moment to get a bunch of work done. Finally Old Man Winter, may he rest in fleece, (that was stolen by this lovely Patch Article), has retreated enough for Mother Nature to get some work done. I don’t have anything profound to attach to this. It’s just nice to notice.

My other random thought for this week is that everything is connected and that the universe doesn’t let you down. I’ve had a few projects where it’s hard to see the why of what I am doing.  Or I see the why and don’t agree. I do them. I try to do them well. And then there are moments where things come together. Fireworks! Brillance! I look back and say, wow! that’s why it was good to do that. I hope I can hold on to these moments for the future and trust a bit more that it will all work out.

Lots of hard work and then it all comes together — I guess that’s what this time of year is all about in schools. All of a sudden some deadline is in sight (the end of the school year, graduation, concerts, end of the year tests, get that curriculum done!) and the evidence of growth pops up and out and it’s a bit glorious. I see the growth. I hope my students and their parents see it.

Reflection is key to my success. Life gives me little time . Friday night is my deadline .


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