Things I’d like to go viral…in education

This week was back to school for teachers. In meetings we wove in clever memes to help folks make connections. We created videos to “Happy” by Pharrell. Our head challenged some of us to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (still on my to-do list).  This video showed up several times in my FB feed. Then a friend of mine sent me this article about unschooling via FB.  I replied to her and tagged a friend who might also be interested. It made me think about harnessing the power of the viral idea to find an entrepreneurial model for an independent school to provide a true unschool- ed model. I like the idea of unschooling but I don’t want to live off the grid. When I disagree with policies I don’t withdraw, I find someone with better ideas and support them. Would there ever be a way to mainstream unschooling?

I’d love for the conversation to go viral so whoever controls College Board or Pearson Ed would be pushed to think about the reach and power of their tests. I’d love for politicians and college admissions boards alike to get doused with a bucket of ice water to wake up to what their policies are doing to learning environments. I’d love for students to create and build off what was created before.

Reflection is key to my success. Life gives me little time for this. Friday night is my deadline.

P.S. Wash your hands to stop the germs. Not everything is good when it’s viral.


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