5 days to the perfect chex mix

Tonight concludes my adventure in recapturing the perfect chex mix recipe. I’ve made a wonderful, caramel-y, crunchy version for the past 2 Halloweens. When I went to chex.com last weekend, I couldn’t figure out which one could be the one.  So this week I made a different batch each night, took it to school the next morning and got feedback from my colleagues. “tasted like cinnamon toast crunch”, “what was that?- oh, ginger – that’s what that was”, “did that have kix in it? that was my favorite cereal when I was a kid”, “I liked the craisins – that added a nice tang”: those are some examples of feedback in the process. I didn’t have the patience or discipline to only change one variable. I wish I had. With each iteration I changed too much to track the different impacts. The last batch was the texture I was looking for. Nice coating, slightly caramel, good crunch. Yum!