First Attempt in Learning (or 37th)

Just a quick blog post about a breakthrough I had this weekend. I picked up with an old craft this weekend and attempted a rather complicated beading task. The story of it has me reflecting on how themes can find their way back to you in the unlikeliest of moments.

About a month ago I set out to find a bead shop — just to see something different. I stumbled on this shop, Burke Gem and Beads,  through a google search.  I poked around and was a bit overwhelmed with how much I had forgotten. I chose a few items of a rather simple nature so I could stay focused on completing something. Then, of course, this necklace caught my attention. The owner has a Slavic accent. It was like I immediately fell through a rabbit hole or a worm hole and was flooded with the sense of being home, creatively. I studied Slavic Languages and Literature at UVA. And what’s interesting is that I feel like I use almost everyday something I learned in that program. It taught me to think critically — real analysis and synthesis through studying folklore. I learned so much about culture. Yesterday I went back to the store to buy the supplies to attempt the inspiration necklace. I had spent a month on Pinterest, looking up tutorials, looking at patterns. I was really just testing my muse to see if it was going to stick around. It did.

Yesterday afternoon I tried to do this on my own. In my teens, I really struggled with reading directions from craft books and being able to understand how to put those into action. Thank goodness for YouTube! I can watch videos and figure things out. Here’s a photo of my First Attempt In Learning — that’s right, a failure.

First Attempt In Learning
First Attempt In Learning

I didn’t get the size right, I misplaced 2 beads, and didn’t pull tight enough. What I realized when the rivoli wouldn’t fit into the bezel was – “hey, that’s ok”. I probably learned something that would help me be able to do it right this time.

This morning’s attempt is here:

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 11.57.45 AM

A much better form and switching the color way around seemed to work better for the whole project.

Here’s the finished unit:

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 11.57.53 AM

It worked! I still have a long way to go but just getting over this first hurdle and realizing I’ve grown as a learner feels so powerful. Imagine being able to learn about how to overcome and appreciate failure at an earlier age. I think that must be the reason the Russian part of this story resonates with me. I never was able to master the language part of that program the way I wanted to. Imagine if I could have learned Russian with the help of all that’s out there for learning now.

Off to complete more beading. I just wanted to get these thoughts down.

One addition: Here’s the website I used to complete this first round:


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